PVCu windows may look similar – but it’s the bits you don’t see, tucked away inside the frames, that make a huge difference to how the windows perform, and how much energy they save – or waste – over their life cycle. First introduced to the UK in the early 1980s, PVCu (or UPVC as they were known then) windows were unattractive and bulky – and only available in white. Being cheaper to produce than alternative materials, they were soon used extensively in new buildings all over the country. Most other PVCu window systems have been updated since then – but Liniar is the only range to have been designed completely from scratch combining extensive industry experience with the most modern window technology. Launched in 2008, Liniar frames are not only beautifully slim and available in a huge choice of styles, colours and finishes – they contain a huge number of hidden features to make them the most energy efficient frames you can choose.

When you choose Liniar, not only are you assured of a high quality product, you’ll be taking advantage of the most technically advanced range available in the UK.

EnergyPlus 90 from Liniar now joins an elite band of window systems able to comply with the exacting Passive House standards.


Many other systems feature messy and time-consuming foam-filled cavities to meet the requirements.


EnergyPlus90 is unique in that its 9-chamber profile – 3 more chambers than Liniar EnergyPlus – has been designed to meet the triple challenges of thermal efficiency, noise reduction and security.


Passive House

Early testing has resulted in Liniar EnergyPlus 90 joining the ranks of a select few window products to claim Passive House certification - component id: 1014wi03 & 1015fx03.


Triple glazed whole window U-values for argon-filled triple glazed units are as low as 0.7 W/m²K with Window Energy Ratings up to A+40, even with laminate included. Quadruple glazed whole window U-values are as low as 0.5W/m2K.

You can find details at: http://database.passivehouse. com/en/components/list/window.


Weather Testing

Weather testing carried out on a full-sized EnergyPlus 90 window has surpassed BS6375 requirements. Water class E1050 (91mph) 1050Pa Deflection load - 2000Pa (126mph) Safety load - 3000Pa (155mph)


Acoustic Testing

With acoustic values as high as Rw (C;Ctr) = 42 (-2;-6). EnergyPlus 90 offers a unique proposition for commercial developers.


PAS24:2016 and Secured by Design

With a whole window fully tested to the stringent security requirements of PAS24:2016, the EnergyPlus 90 window is also fully compliant with Part Q building regulations – critical for the commercial and new build sectors. As a result, EnergyPlus 90 has also achieved Secured by Design accreditation.

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